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About Yangzhou University Library

The Yangzhou University Library (YZUL) was established in September 1998 as a merger of the libraries of 6 colleges in Yangzhou, which is now composed of Zhaowen Library (on Yangzijin Campus), Yifu Library (on the Lotus Pond Campus), Jingwen Library (on the Slender West Lake Campus), the administrative office, Document Resources Construction Department, System and Digitization Department, Sci-tech Novelty Retrieval Station, Information Consultant and Teaching Research Department, Ancient Books Collection Department and Readers Working Department.

At present, YZUL covers 754,000 km²and has 7,957 seats available for readers. The documents and books collected in YZUL are large in quantities and rich in varieties. There are about 3,647,000 paper books, among which are 8,741 kinds of traditional thread binding books (totally 100,000 in volumes), 9 volumes of state-protected ancient books,22 volumes of Jiangsu Province protected ancient books and 3,000 newspapers from Chinese and foreign press agencies. Large-scale books, like Si Ku Quan Shu (Complete Library in the Four Branches of Literature), The Revision of Si Ku Quan Shu, The Index Series to Si-Ku-Quan-Shu and Modern Chinese Historical Material Series, are well conserved in YZUL. The collected books are complete in the aspect of the annals of northern Jiangsu Province, special in the aspect of literature and history and rich in the aspect of studies of Dunhuang culture. Abundant electronic literature materials and electronic publications and 70 kinds of large databases home and abroad are at readers’ service, including Chinese Journal Network Mirror, China Info, SuperStar Digital Library, Peking University Founder Apabi Digital Library System, SCI, SSCI, AHCI, EI, Springer, Elsevier, PQDD, and IEEE/IEE.

 The operation flow of book acquisition, book catalogue and book circulation has been computerized with the adoption of Huiwen Document Information service System. The campus card service and the free interlibrary loan service are readily available. The circulation-reading integration service system and RFID technology has been practiced in Zhaowen Library, which makes library self-service circulation system possible. Yifu Library and Jingwen Library stick to the service mode, “Great Circulation and Great Reading”. More than 90 opening hours each week and the open-shelf service have provided strong document information service for teaching and scientific research, discipline construction, talent cultivation, and thus accelerate the scientific-technical progress and economic development in the middle Jiangsu area.

YZUL is the documentation center in the central Jiangsu Province as an important part of Jiangsu university Document and Information Assurance System. In 2009, YZUL as approved by the State Council as a national key unit for the protection of ancient books and in the same year approved as a provincial key unit for the protection of ancient books. In 2010, YZUL was authorized by the Ministry of Education of P.R.C. as the ministerial level Sci-tech novelty retrieval station.

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Remind: The Autonomous Learning/ Reading Room on the 5th floor of Yifu Library and The Reading Room on the 4th floor of Jingwen Library (North Section) will prong its opening time by 1 hour at night.

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